Building the next generation of leaders for Africa!

We at Paga are great fans of the African Leadership Academy (ALA) in South Africa. ALA’s vision is to develop six thousand leaders for Africa over the next 50 years. The school was founded by Fred Swaniker, Chris Bradford, Acha Leke, and Peter Mombaur.

The first class at ALA graduated this summer, and National Public Radio (NPR) was there at the graduation and filed a report. You can listen to it here.

ALA is a bold initiative, and its been great seeing it go from an idea about seven years ago to where it is today. Both Fred and Chris have poured their lives into this venture. Their goal is to end the cycle of bad leadership in Africa, whether in business or politics, and bring real solutions by developing strong leaders with the desire and capacity to bring change! Kudos, Africa needs more people like Fred Swaniker and Chris Bradford!

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