Drupal Camp Lagos – early days…but progress

Over the weekend I attended a Drupal camp at University of Lagos. For those who may not know Drupal – it is a content management solution that powers a lot of websites including the Pagatech corporate website.

It was good to see the students interested in learning something new and also the practitioners (most of them recent graduates) there to impart knowledge.  The bench strength of hard core software developers in Nigeria is still shallow, but good to see the movement to develop.

We at Pagatech want to support such events and help build the ecosystem of Techies in Nigeria. Google sponsored this weekend’s event. Good for them!

2 thoughts on “Drupal Camp Lagos – early days…but progress

  1. Drupalcamp at Unilag is definitely a good start, looking forward to many more of these. Drupal is 9 years old though…hardly qualifies as ‘relatively new’ 🙂

  2. That was actually the second Drupal Camp but then we hope to have a large crowd by the next one. By the way, we launched Open Source Foundation, Nigeria and presently planning a variety of events which include LinuxFest etc.

    CloudCamp is coming up next year, precisely on the 28th of May, 2011. More info later http://www.cloudcamp.org/lagos/2011-05-28

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