3 days, and already over 1000 responses to our first newspaper Advert!

The response to our field team and to our first national advert has been very strong. In the advert we asked people to send us an SMS if they were interested in learning more about becoming a Paga merchant. Merchants for Paga act as cash-in and cash-out points for customers, they can also perform transactions on behalf of customers. In total we have received over 1000 responses of interest!

Here is the call to action, its simple (in case you know anyone interested):

Merchants make a commission for every transaction they perform!

If you already operate a shop, supermarket, chemist, or other retail outlet and want to offer Paga services at your location(s), simply SMS your name, surname, state and town to 0802 390 4939. Example: John Musa Delta Sapele

Learn more by visiting http://www.pagatech.com/merchants

2 thoughts on “3 days, and already over 1000 responses to our first newspaper Advert!

  1. Paga is the dream of the average Nigerian, it is my belief that this innovation will be highly effective in the Nigerian banking system and also appreciated by the average Nigerian both high and low income earners. Like Bill Gates said in Kenya ‘Mobile phones + savings a powerful pair’ i see a new Nigeria with this. I hope the government and other cooperate bodies will invest in this great idea by Pagatech,I am really looking forward to a cashless society.

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