DStv and Paga announce exclusive partnership

DStv is the largest pay TV company in Africa and in Nigeria the company owns 70% market share. We’ve been working with the company in Nigeria for several months and are very excited about this partnership.

Now with Paga you can sit in your living room and pay your DStv subscription using the most basic SMS enabled phone and see your service turn back on real-time. Its as easy as sending an SMS to Paga with the command

“dstv 9500 <smart-card>” e.g. dstv 9500 45011111111

Or if you want you can use our website www.mypaga.com

You may read the press release here and see the Business Day Article

The pay TV market in Nigeria is heating up, with this partnership payment of DStv subscriptions will extend to every street corner of Nigeria by a joint network of DStv’s retail agents and Paga agents. All these agents will use Paga to effect payments for customers saving themselves time and providing customers a valuable service.

Best of all – its free!

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