Paga announces its Marketing Launch!

Today we announced our marketing launch! This is indeed a historic day in our history – our team is very excited and looking forward to working towards our mission.

Paga is the easiest to use money transfer service in Nigeria! With Paga you can send money to anyone who has a mobile phone. You can send money either by yourself via your mobile phone or internet enabled device or at any of our nationwide agents.

In parallel to our marketing launch we rolled out our new portal –

Visit us and let us know what you think and spread the word to your friends and family!

6 thoughts on “Paga announces its Marketing Launch!

  1. Congrats Pagatech! Visit Graviton Technologies Nig, Ltd, Ketu – Lagos and do all your Paga transactions if you are close to us. We are Paga Star(Agent). Mobile/electronic money is the future. My Paga, my money, anywhere, anytime…

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