Paga featured on Forbes

Our Founder & CEO, Tayo Oviosu, was interviewed for an in-depth feature on Forbes. The article starts as follows:

Mobile money is the next big thing and Tayo Oviosu is already bringing this revolutionary financial service to Nigerians.

Oviosu is the founder of Pagatech, Nigeria’s first mobile money company. The company’s flagship service, Paga, is Nigeria’s foremost mobile money transfer service. Within less than a year of launching its service to the general public, the Lagos-based Paga has accumulated over 32,000 active users on its platform and has processed over US $1.6 million in volume.

Interestingly, Paga has piqued the interest of some internationally renowned investors, one of whom is Tim DraperDraper, one of Silicon Valley’s more well known venture capitalists, doesn’t usually make investments around Africa. But when Oviosu, a Nigerian-born Stanford grad, approached the famed investor and shared his idea for a mobile money transfer service in Nigeria, Africa’s second largest economy, Draper believed it was too good an opportunity to ignore.

Tayo recently granted me an interview during which he talked about the idea behind his company, the benefits of a cashless society, the Nigerian opportunity, and reiterated his mission to transform lives by delivering innovative and universal access to financial services to Nigerians.

Read the full article here

Earlier this year Forbes also recognized Paga as one of “Five Sexy African Tech Start-ups” – Read here

One thought on “Paga featured on Forbes

  1. aat the first i think different, bt nw i realise paga is our life, we always work thesame hand nd succeed 2gether. Our regard 2d management

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