Paga featured on the Financial Times

Paga’s Founder & CEO, Tayo Oviosu, was interviewed by the Financial Times in their Entrepreneurship series.

You may read the article here or if you have an FT account on

As part of the article Tayo gave four tips on starting a business in Nigeria (really anywhere):

  1. Just get started. “It is common to find Nigerians who talk and postulate a lot. Seek advice and then just start – don’t talk. When people see your progress they will come around to your point of view”
  2. Be careful about giving job titles. “You don’t know what roles [staff[ are going to grow into. So focus less on the title and more on getting the job done and establishing a good team.”
  3. Hire people you like being with. “You will spend a lot of time together”. This one he says is critical to having fun!
  4. Build in strong corporate governance from the start. “It should not be dependent on any one individual. If I’m still running the business in 10 years there is something wrong.”

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