PROVEMBER – Stand with us against Prostate Cancer!


Paga has partnered with the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) to rename the month of November… Provember; as part of the Attack Cancer Together (ACT) campaign.

Provember aims to create awareness to educate men about Prostate Cancer and aid early detection and prevention.In addition to awareness, the campaign also intends to raise funds towards purchasing 37 Mobile Cancer Centers (MCC) as part of the BIG WAR on Cancer (For more details visit  A single MCC in each state will make a huge difference by taking holistic health care to the Grassroots. The cost of each MCC and its operational cost for one year (including cost of personnel, supplies and maintenance) is $600,000.

Research has proven that 1 out of 3 men will have prostate cancer in their lifetime.  Without any national system of screening and prevention, this epidemic kills 26 men per day in Nigeria. The death toll from this disease has increased astronomically from 14 to 26 people per day within the space of 6 years. For more facts about Prostate cancer and the work of the CECP please take a few minutes to watch this short video –

This Provember join us to ACT by contributing as little as N500 at; or by keeping a beard or an afro during the month as a sign of solidarity towards the cause. This seemingly small act will help to start conversations about the dangers of Prostate cancer, the benefits of getting a check-up early and also encourage other people to donate.

We’ve got loads of exciting activities and contests scheduled for Provember – so keep checking our social media pages for more information and join us in the stand against Prostate Cancer!

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