Making Life Possible Winners

Last week, we announced winners from our Making Life Possible contest. This week, we’ll be sharing with you an inspirational piece from their story.

Meet Faith – Business Woman/Popcorn enthusiast

12373159_1063411070359846_3908251062540406036_n popcorn

I am married and I have a son. I have learnt a lot about catering in school and I started a very lucrative popcorn business and started supplying all the itinerant traders in every bus stops and junctions schools, stores and even market women.”

Faith has been having a challenge in her business as a result of the competitive market. She has lost most of her customers to her competitors because they have better packaging. Due to her financial status, Faith hasn’t been able to get better packaging for her products. Sales has dropped and has been making life hard for her and her family.

Faith reached out to us during our campaign and we are going to make life possible for her.

Do you want to know how we’re making Faith’s dream possible?

Stay tuned to learn more about Faith’s inspiring story and the part that Paga played.

Paga…Making Life Possible.

2 thoughts on “Making Life Possible Winners

  1. Yes ooo, I am a popper, and I am proud of my business. I want to be among the world’s highest popper coming from Nigeria with the help of my wonderful and caring Paga making life easy for me, my family, and the entire world. When I say Paga have make life possible for the entire world, it means all my workers and their families will benefit from this kindness from Paga and those who buy to re sell to make gains will also smile because Paga is involved. I pop popcorn and I am happy when I see people crunching on this sweet and nutritious snacks. It is a snack full of healthy benefits

  2. Mrs faith I must confess, you popcorn is very sweet especially the chocolate and peanuts popcorn.. I eat it in one of the lekki event and it was lovely.. Keep it on

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