In our country Nigeria, poverty is prevalent.

“I noticed that in our country Nigeria, poverty is prevalent, for example, there was this man that walked up to me one day in my to beg for assistance, he asked me to assist him in starting up “pure water” selling for as little as #300, that with this it will not only stop him from begging for alms but will open a money making source for him, I was greatly moved which I did and from time to time he comes around to thank me for the help I rendered to him”.  – Okeke David

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David entered the Making Life Possible contest to keep youths away from crime and make Nigeria a better place. We all want a better Nigeria and by all means would love to make Nigeria a great nation.

Paga shares in David’s dream and would be glad to make life possible for him and Nigerian youth.

Keep following this series to find out more on how we’ll all achieve this.

Paga…Making Life Possible.

3 thoughts on “In our country Nigeria, poverty is prevalent.

  1. How can I diposit my money directed into My Paga account with out dipositing in Paga account.

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