Developing confidence in the workplace


Its a new week and we’re excited to share with you ways to be a rock star in your work place.

Building self confidence is sometimes a work in progress and with moments of doubt. Here are some of the things we can adapt to help boost our confidence and value in the workplace:

Start slowly:  Cut yourself a little slack. Set smaller goals and realistic expectations. Focus on one thing you know you’re good at. Admit to yourself that you do a pretty good job at this one thing and practice telling another person. For example, if a friend asks for your help in editing an article,  you could respond “Sure, I think I could really help you improve this based on my experience editing articles at work”.

Remember, you’re not saying you’re good at everything, just something. Eventually, you’ll be more comfortable recognizing all of the areas of your expertise.

Ask for what you want: Never be afraid to ask for what you want. For timid people, this can be terrifying. You might feel rude but this is very important. Most times, if you ask for something you deserve, you will get it. If you feel you’ve been working hard enough for a company for two years without a raise, bite the bullet and ask for one. The worst they can do is say no. But what if they say yes? 😀

Accept failure: For people who lack confidence, recognizing weakness is all too easy. Rather than mentally berating yourself when you don’t do a perfect job, remember this; it happens to everyone. The difference is that confident people don’t have time to dwell on failure, instead, they are busy fixing the problem and learning from it.

So next time you get negative feedback on a job, don’t be embarrassed. Accept your mistake, own it and move on. Also keep in mind that, when someone take time to provide a constructive criticism, it means they are invested in you and have faith that you can do it right the next time.

The more you accept failure and the less you take it personally, the stronger you’ll be in the long-run.

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