Why wait in a queue when we’ve got you?

10-months (3)

I have been using my Paga since 2014. I left it for a while and came back in 2015 and it’s been a great experience, so great in fact that I haven’t been to banking halls in ages. Regardless of the CBN regulations that limited transactions initially, my Paga account has never failed me. I conveniently make deposits to any bank account and pay my bills.

Their customer service is good. They are always available to provide solutions to issues I may encounter. Even when a service is down and I’m not aware, the timely emails I get from Paga helps. The app is also good for transacting. When I use my MasterCard, it goes through in less than 10mins and doesn’t debit me even if there is a failed transaction unlike some other services.

Though, most people feel Paga has a high grade technology, I believe it’s the best because it’s extremely safe.

My Paga account has made the past 10 months easy for me, keeping me away from queues, traffic and expenses. Every Nigerian should experience the service.

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