Paga Has Made My Career Possible


Earlier this year, on our #MakingLifePossible campaign, we carried out a contest where we asked people to pitch us ideas on how we can make life possible for them or people around them. We had a lot of entries and one of them was Adeniran Adetoro, a year 3 Unilag Sociology student. When we met him, he needed a laptop to develop his skills and carry out school work more effectively.

We saw his passion and rather than just giving him a laptop, we also offered him an internship. Adetoro made the most of a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience at Paga. Read his experience and find out more.

The making life possible contest was a life fulfilling experience for me. Right from when I sent in my entry and met with the Paga team for an interview. The interview was an intense but unforgettable experience; it was my first interview ever and facing a panel of 7 made me nervous.
Gladly, I was invited for a second interview where I met with some of Paga’s team members. I was offered an internship in addition to the laptop I requested in my entry, it was a great offer and I happily accepted. 
I’ve had an awesome experience; I got opportunities to be a part of almost everything. I was able to contribute my own quota to proper marketing campaigns and also got an opportunity to attend a corporate event with the CEO Tayo.
Many thanks to Tayo Oviosu for this wonderful opportunity. Paga has indeed made life possible for me. At this stage of my life, this is all I ever wanted. From my experience, I’ve developed both personally and professionally. This experience has been valuable in taking me closer to my dream job and makes me look more employable on my CV.

At Paga…we are making life possible for everyone. 

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