5 Million Users; Thank You Nigeria.


5M teaser

How do you celebrate reaching 5 million customers? For some people that would mean a big “owanbe” with Kwam 1 or Sunny Ade, or a big fat “bonus cheque” for the “management boys”. For us at paga it’s a moment to look back at our 7 years of service to Nigerians and say a heartfelt and big thank you for your trust and cooperation in using our services to make your lives much simpler.

Have you heard of the “six degrees of separation” theory? This is the theory that everyone and everything is six or less steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. So we know you all are included in this our success story not just our customers.

Why you ask?

At one point in time or another there would have been a situation in your lives that you have enjoyed our services directly or in directly. It could have been the football match that you watched at your friend’s house or the viewing center that uses our pays their cable TV subscription with Paga or the market woman who stayed late in the market to sell goods to you, knowing that she doesn’t have to go to the bank to deposit her money because she can deposit to a bank at our agent.

There might even have been that one day you entered a taxi that was fixed on time because the taxi driver sent money to his mechanic with our awesome ATM cardless withdrawal service.

Now you know Paga has affected your life in ways you never even thought of! That’s why we are saying a big thank you to all Nigerians and sending out a big hug to you all. Thank you for bringing us to 5 million and for making us stronger!

Without you, there will be no us.


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