“Paga is a great platform to make visa application payments online” – Biodun


Customer stories are an invaluable way of helping us to understand how our services deliver impact on you as Nigerians.

Few weeks ago, Biodun had a hitch processing his UK Visa application payment. He reached out to Paga for a better way to pay for his application and we intervened.

We’re proud to share Biodun’s experience with you.

Paga is a great platform to make visa application payments online. I tried it for the first time on August 11 after all attempts to use ATM cards (linked to a well-funded account with active token) failed. But I had to check if it was genuine: read virtually everything I found about the platform online particularly on its founders and investors. I felt they were credible enough: more so, I could tweet at the CEO or company page if anything went wrong. 

I chose to give it a try. It was quite easy to open mypaga account. I transferred some money from my personal account to test the platform. After waiting for verification, mypaga account was credited. I sent in all required documents to upgrade my account to level 3 so I could payments exceeding N100, 000. Eventually, I paid the visa fees through mypaga account and my visa application was successful.

I strongly recommend Paga to every visa applicant: it is easy to open, load and upgrade your account. Visa application payment is fast. If you run into any hitches, you can call their responsive customer care agents or engage the CEO on Twitter!’’ – Biodun

We appreciate hearing about your your experience with our services, whether it’s a complaint or compliment. So tell us what you like, what you don’t and of course let us know what you’d love to see from Paga.



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