We Turned Dreams Into Reality – Empowering Entrepreneurs

At Paga, one of the many ways we make life possible is empowering people with resilience and self-confidence. Faith Igberase is a married woman, an entrepreneur & owner of Success Delicious popcorn.

Early in 2016, during our #MakingLifePossible contest, Faith wrote to us; “My husband was deported from South Africa and since he returned empty handed have not been able to find a job or anything to do. This situation made life so miserable for us and our little son. But because I have learnt a lot about catering in school, I started a very lucrative popcorn business and started supplying all the itinerant traders in every bus stops and junctions schools, stores and even market women. My family has been feeding on this” Said Faith.

Faith expressed her financial challenges in running her business. However, like most small businesses, Success Delicious Popcorn faced a struggle to overcome its competition. She lost her customers to her competitors because they had a better packaging than her products. Sales dropped and made life hard for her and her family.

“Thanks to Paga for making life so possible for me by supporting my Success Delicious Popcorn business in the just concluded #MakingLifePossible contest. I never believed I could make it to the finalist. I was so surprised and I feel so blessed to have emerged as one of the grand prize winners. They have made my dreams come through as the new rebranded package will be in every store very soon. Expect to see well packaged, delicious and crunchy Success Delicious Popcorn in every mall, stores, market and supermarket in every state of Nigeria and all over the world. Thanks for your support Paga and I will forever remain grateful”.  – Faith Igberase

Faith needed N250,000 to enhance Success Delicious popcorn packaging. She received N200,000 from Paga.


The money was used to purchase essential materials for the business branding, which significantly reduced production cost.

Success Delicious Popcorn – Before


Redefined Look 


We’re proud to have supported Faith and her business in her downtime and now she can focus on making the business profitable.


Today, Paga is making life possible for over 5 million people in diverse ways. We love entrepreneurs and helping people achieve results.

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