Ready, Set, Weekend!


We know you’ve had a long week, so we thought to bring you some ideas to help you unwind 😀

Is staying in the new going out? It’s January, so if that’s your current mood, we totally get it.


email1 email2-1

With all your preferred Cable TV & Internet providers on Paga, staying in doesn’t have to be boring. Especially when paying for your subscription is as easy as 1, 2…
The best part is when you pay with Paga, you get 5% cash back off your subscription!


Another fun thing to do at home is shop online! Would you love to get nice things with that extra cash? Mall For Africa has got you covered. Shop and pay easily with Paga!


Well, incase you decide to go to the movies, we have a suggestion for you – watch The Wedding Party. This is the movie of the moment and of course everyone is talking about it!


We’ve got you covered every step of the way!


Do it all with Paga this weekend.

Head to, download our Android app or visit your nearest Paga agent.

Have a great weekend!

Team Paga. 

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