Introducing AKO’ – Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Services at your Fingertips.

Book and Relax; List and Make Money!


Ever wished you could just pick up your phone, find a service and get a professional just at a snap?

There’s an app for that! AKO’ – The first online platform for fashion, beauty and lifestyle services.
AKO knows you already have enough to do; this is why they’re providing you with an app that lets you;

  • Connect with vendors
  • Grow your customer base
  • Pay for services conveniently

With our strong commitment to solving the complexities of payments for businesses and individuals, we’re excited to announce our partnership with AKO’. With Paga, customers and vendors can enjoy the convenience and safety of cashless payments on AKO’.

AKO’s digital landscape accommodates instant transactional relationships anytime and anywhere in Nigeria between customers in need of these services, and vendors across all spectrums of rates, experience level, location, and availability.

With its key slogan, Book and Relax; List and Make Money, AKO’s platform streamlines the process of searching, booking and paying for a Barber, a Makeup Artist, a Wardrobe stylist or any service within its scope. Thereby offering customers a wide range of choices, based on rates, geographical location, time, date preferences, and other customer applicable filters. It also gives all sorts of vendors – students, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, whom may have acquired skills through personal training or from formal institutions, a FREE platform to market themselves and get paid for their craft.

AKO’s partnership with Paga, assures vendors and customers a seamless and safe gateway of making and receiving payments for services delivered. This ensures the best customer experience for AKO’ users.

It’s Easy with AKO’


Download the app now, find a service in the simplest way and 

For more information about AKO’, please visit



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