The purpose of this blog is to bring together the community of people who enjoy and use Paga as part of their daily lives. It is also a place to discuss the related topics of mobile money, financial inclusion, and mobile technology in Africa (outside Africa discussions also welcome).

Founded in April 2009, Paga aims to enable a cashless society and increase financial access to the unbanked. Paga gives you access to your cash, anywhere, anytime. Our core service is our money transfer offering. With Paga you can now send money to anyone using your phone or internet connected device or from any Paga agent. The recipient simply needs to have a phone and does not need to be a Paga customer. Aside from our money transfer service we also offer customers airtime top-up, bill payments, and retail payments. At Paga we have taken great care to ensure the security and robustness of our platform so you can rest assured that your money and all your transactions can be carried out safely and securely. Paga brings unmatched value to customers by building and maintaining a strong network of partners that includes banks, mobile network providers, and trusted merchants.

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