This April, we’re celebrating our 8th Anniversary


This month, Paga is celebrating her 8th anniversary as a pioneering payments and Digital Financial Services company. We thank our customers, team members and partners for their contributions to our continued success.

In 2009, Paga set out with a mission to deliver innovative and universal access to financial services for individuals and businesses across Africa. After getting her full operating license from the Central Bank of Nigeria in November 2011, Paga has been working to make that mission a reality by building a nationwide network of agents, innovating new services, product categories and evolving into the #1 payments solution for Nigerians.

Today, Paga has over 200 employees, 6 million unique customers and over 11,000 authorized agents enabling trade, business and economic growth across Nigeria. Indeed, Paga’s agent network is the largest and most active network of financial services access points in Nigeria. Individuals, banked or unbanked, can also use Paga to send money to anyone using their phone number, deposit to any bank in Nigeria, pay electricity bills, renew internet subscription, buy airtime and more. With Paga, businesses can conveniently collect payments from anyone online, in-store, at a Paga agent, or at any bank branch. Businesses can also use Paga Bulk Pay service to disburse funds to anyone.

Paga launched commercial operations in 2011 and since then we have processed over 31 million transactions worth more than N412 billion.

“To this day Paga is driven by the mission to make payments easier and deliver financial services to all Nigerians. This has enabled us to constantly push new boundaries and create solutions to truly make life possible for Nigerians. We would like to thank our customers and partners for the success that Paga has achieved in the past 8 years. This milestone is evidence of our commitment to continued innovation and to the future of Digital Financial Services in Nigeria.” said Tayo Oviosu, Founder and CEO of Paga.

Paga continues to innovate and is working closely with banks and other financial institutions to introduce more services that will make it even easier for people to conveniently make payments and get access to financial services.

Highlights from Paga 2017 Women’s Day Celebration



Every year, on special occasions such as Women’s Day, Paga celebrates with the team but this year it was exceptional with many activities to celebrate the day and also creating a platform to forge women’s advancement.

2017 Women’s Day was so special with members of our team sharing insights on how to Be Bold for Change, we also had a small gathering in the office on March 8th and took it further by organizing a small event to mentor young women in their careers.

In case you missed it on our social media, no worries, we’re excited to share the updates with you.


We started the celebration with sharing ideas & thoughts that show the Paga team is committed to the success of women.

Womens-day-selfie-Tayo-FEREO Womens-day-selfie-Ayoola

Womens-day-selfie-tri-quote-new Womens-day-selfie-tri-quote-3

These men & women are a part of a unique development of women. We hope you are too!

The celebration happened on March 8th and started with a short note by our Founder and CEO, Tayo Oviosu who inspired us with his words.

Check out some photos from the day;

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Jos Electricity Bill Payment is now available on Paga

Jos-Disco-email (1)

Yes! Nigerians living in Plateau, Benue, Bauchi & Gombe can now conveniently pay their electricity bill on Paga. No need to go to PHCN anymore, simply pay online on

To enjoy this service, follow these simple steps:

  • Log on to
  • Enter all required details
  • Confirm transaction and choose to pay from your Paga account or debit card

Or  visit your nearest Paga agent to pay.

You get your electricity token by SMS and a valid payment receipt once a prepaid or postpaid transaction is done.

Our customer care is always there to assist you.

Email: or call: 0700 000 7242




Womens-Month-Mentoring-Program-RE (2)

In celebration of Women’s month, we warmly invite you to join our Career Mentoring session for women. This is an opportunity for women to benefit from ‘real world’ insights in forging a better working world.

Date: 10th March, 2017

Time: 10am – 1:30pm

Venue: Paga 1st floor, 176, Herbert Macaulay way, Yaba, Lagos

If you’re a woman interested in developing a career in:

  • Product Innovation
  • Engineering
  • Creative Designs
  • Decision making & Big Data
  • Sales

Then this session is for you!

This event will feature lively & career – focused discussions with professionals aimed to foster learning and inspiration on women’s advancement in Nigeria.

Admission is FREE but we can only accommodate 20 people. So hurry up and RSVP by clicking here. Be sure to also circulate through your networks.


Please note:

  • The session is open to women only between the ages of 18-26
  • Registration closes Thursday 10am

Introducing AKO’ – Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Services at your Fingertips.

Book and Relax; List and Make Money!


Ever wished you could just pick up your phone, find a service and get a professional just at a snap?

There’s an app for that! AKO’ – The first online platform for fashion, beauty and lifestyle services.
AKO knows you already have enough to do; this is why they’re providing you with an app that lets you;

  • Connect with vendors
  • Grow your customer base
  • Pay for services conveniently

With our strong commitment to solving the complexities of payments for businesses and individuals, we’re excited to announce our partnership with AKO’. With Paga, customers and vendors can enjoy the convenience and safety of cashless payments on AKO’.

AKO’s digital landscape accommodates instant transactional relationships anytime and anywhere in Nigeria between customers in need of these services, and vendors across all spectrums of rates, experience level, location, and availability.

With its key slogan, Book and Relax; List and Make Money, AKO’s platform streamlines the process of searching, booking and paying for a Barber, a Makeup Artist, a Wardrobe stylist or any service within its scope. Thereby offering customers a wide range of choices, based on rates, geographical location, time, date preferences, and other customer applicable filters. It also gives all sorts of vendors – students, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, whom may have acquired skills through personal training or from formal institutions, a FREE platform to market themselves and get paid for their craft.

AKO’s partnership with Paga, assures vendors and customers a seamless and safe gateway of making and receiving payments for services delivered. This ensures the best customer experience for AKO’ users.

It’s Easy with AKO’


Download the app now, find a service in the simplest way and 

For more information about AKO’, please visit



TerraPay joins forces with MoneyTrans and Paga to make cross border remittance easy between Europe and Nigeria


With our commitment to providing financial inclusion, we are pleased to announce our partnership with MoneyTrans; a leading Money Transfer company and TerraPay; a mobile-first international payment network to launch cross-border remittances from Spain to mobile wallets in Nigeria.

Now Nigerians in Spain can send money to any mobile phone number in Nigeria through Paga, just by visiting the nearest MoneyTrans store. The recipient can withdraw money from more than 11,000 Paga agents across Nigeria or make card-less withdrawal from ATMs. The recipient can also use the money to pay bills, buy airtime or send the money to any other phone number or bank account in Nigeria, among other services.

The mobile based cross-border remittance service has been launched in Spain and will be followed by successive launches in Belgium, France and Italy in the coming weeks.  To mark this occasion, Mr. Jeremy De Smet, COO of MoneyTrans said, “We are glad to take another huge step in enabling mobile money services in Africa. TerraPay is well positioned to offer a strong solution building upon and leveraging a major technical infrastructure that has been in place for many years in Africa.”

Commenting on the partnership Jay Alabraba, Co-founder Paga said, “We are happy to collaborate with TerraPay and MoneyTrans in enabling secure transfers between Spain and Nigeria, the first of several important remittance corridors we will be launching together. By combining Paga’s extensive reach with the proven capabilities of TerraPay and MoneyTrans in the international remittance space, we are bringing to market a seamless and easy-to-use facility for Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.”

“Nigeria presents a wide array of opportunities for companies like TerraPay, as it is the biggest remittances receiver in Africa”, said Ambar Sur, Founder and CEO of TerraPay. “This partnership with MoneyTrans and Paga will play a pivotal role in cross border remittances in Nigeria, helping to reduce fees, improve speed and provide convenience for users.”

Nigeria is ranked sixth among the top remittance-receiving countries in the world. In 2015, the World Bank pegged remittances received in Nigeria at $21 billion.

5 More Days of The Ultimate Cashback!


What better way to save this new year?!

When you pay your DStv, GOtv or Startimes bill on Paga, you get an instant 5% cash back on your subscription.

How it works:

  • Simply renew your DStv, GOtv or Startimes subscription for multiple months on Paga.
  • When you pay, you get 5% cash back in your Paga account instantly
  • To pay, head to or the Paga App for Android.

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Applicable to one payment in a month
  • Promo does not apply to transactions at Paga agent outlets
  • Cashback is limited to a maximum of N500

Exclusive to DStv, GOtv and Startimes payments on Paga.

PHEDC Electricity Bill Payment is now available on Paga!


With our commitment to provide all Nigerians with financial access, we’re proud to announce PHEDC Electricity bill payment is now available on Paga.

Nigerians living in Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom and Cross River states can conveniently pay their electricity bill with Paga.

Payments are easy and convenient through these simple steps.

  • Go to and select PHED Electricity
  • Enter all necessary details
  • Confirm transaction and choose to pay with value in your Paga account or debit card

Paga…making life possible. 

Ready, Set, Weekend!


We know you’ve had a long week, so we thought to bring you some ideas to help you unwind 😀

Is staying in the new going out? It’s January, so if that’s your current mood, we totally get it.


email1 email2-1

With all your preferred Cable TV & Internet providers on Paga, staying in doesn’t have to be boring. Especially when paying for your subscription is as easy as 1, 2…
The best part is when you pay with Paga, you get 5% cash back off your subscription!


Another fun thing to do at home is shop online! Would you love to get nice things with that extra cash? Mall For Africa has got you covered. Shop and pay easily with Paga!


Well, incase you decide to go to the movies, we have a suggestion for you – watch The Wedding Party. This is the movie of the moment and of course everyone is talking about it!


We’ve got you covered every step of the way!


Do it all with Paga this weekend.

Head to, download our Android app or visit your nearest Paga agent.

Have a great weekend!

Team Paga. 

Paying Electricity Bill When Living In The Fast Lane


Imagine leaving your house at 6:00am to pay your “NEPA” bill only to be greeted by a queue that would make 3rd mainland bridge jealous. 45 minutes later not only are your knees starting to ache, but the anxiety steadily grows as you realize that you’ll need to explain to your boss why you’re late. Again.

Just the thought of you having to go through this long process every single month has made relocating to your village that more attractive.

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be your life, you can just Paga it”.

If you’re reading this now, you probably agree that paying your electricity bill online is the most convenient way to handle it. You never have to stand in any queue, simply use your computer or phone and sort out your bill in minutes.

Paga’s electricity bill service is here to make your life easier with the most hassle-free process for paying your prepaid & postpaid electricity bills. No worries about the discomfort of rushing to the nearest “NEPA” office; with Paga, you can do it from your home, office or even on the go with various payments options at your convenience. What’s more awesome is you can set up a recurring payment so you never have to miss a payment again!

Your Preferred Electricity Providers are Available on Paga

More coming soon.

You’re probably wondering, “How do I pay my electricity bill with Paga?”

You can pay your electricity bill effortlessly in just 3 easy steps. Simply head to or the Paga Android app and

  1. Select your required service (prepaid or post paid)
  2. Enter all necessary personal details
  3. Choose to pay with value in your Paga account or debit card, confirm the transaction

..and you’re done!

No need to spends hours in searching for a “NEPA” office round town, simply get your electricity bills paid on, the Paga Android app or dial *242#.