Highlights from Paga 2017 Women’s Day Celebration



Every year, on special occasions such as Women’s Day, Paga celebrates with the team but this year it was exceptional with many activities to celebrate the day and also creating a platform to forge women’s advancement.

2017 Women’s Day was so special with members of our team sharing insights on how to Be Bold for Change, we also had a small gathering in the office on March 8th and took it further by organizing a small event to mentor young women in their careers.

In case you missed it on our social media, no worries, we’re excited to share the updates with you.


We started the celebration with sharing ideas & thoughts that show the Paga team is committed to the success of women.

Womens-day-selfie-Tayo-FEREO Womens-day-selfie-Ayoola

Womens-day-selfie-tri-quote-new Womens-day-selfie-tri-quote-3

These men & women are a part of a unique development of women. We hope you are too!

The celebration happened on March 8th and started with a short note by our Founder and CEO, Tayo Oviosu who inspired us with his words.

Check out some photos from the day;

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Call for Applications; Become a Paga Youth Ambassador!


Are you young, creative and dynamic? Are you social media savvy? Then you can be one of the first set of young people to participate in our pilot edition of Paga Youth Ambassador Program.

As part of our commitment to keep making life possible for Nigerians, this is a platform designed to strengthen & empower youths.

We are calling for young ambassadors to create a large network of young people across Nigeria. Through this we aim to provide career growth, independence in specific financial areas and a possible opportunity to intern at Paga.


  • Discover your talents and passion
  • Enjoy free bill payments
  • Easy access to events
  • Become a part of a large network of professionals from different career fields
  • Experience real-world lessons in shaping your own future
  • Join a group of professionals and learn how to make awesome things happen


  • Age between 18 – 26 years
  • Be passionate about youth-led development
  • Be creative with good organizational skills
  • Be social media savvy

How To Apply

You can apply by completing the application form in the link below. Submit application latest 25th Nov, 2016.

Apply Here

Developing confidence in the workplace


Its a new week and we’re excited to share with you ways to be a rock star in your work place.

Building self confidence is sometimes a work in progress and with moments of doubt. Here are some of the things we can adapt to help boost our confidence and value in the workplace:

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Major Fears All Successful People Must Overcome

Welcome to our series on overcoming your fears.

As a successful employee or as an entrepreneur, to succeed in life, you must overcome your biggest fears. The worst fears are like straight-jackets. They restrain our abilities and make our dreams impossible.

Let’s start by identifying these fears and knowing how to overcome them to be truly successful.

Fear of criticism – A lot of people make decisions based on what people think. We allow close friends and family and society to guide our decisions.


To become truly successful you have to learn to listen to your gut instincts. Fear of criticism could stop you from reaching your full potential. Think about it carefully.

Fear of poverty


Many people are stuck in “survival mode”. A 26 year old who works 40 hours a week once wrote “I pay the bills and live an average life, but I know I can have a better job and reach my fullest potential. I’m tired of being bored and I want to use my gifts. I’m afraid that if I leave my job to pursue my dreams I’ll run out of money.” The fear of poverty is crippling and stopping him from reaching his full potential.

Too many people settle for mediocrity because they think they most “survive” instead of “thrive”. The fear of poverty should never hold you back from your dreams.