This April, we’re celebrating our 8th Anniversary


This month, Paga is celebrating her 8th anniversary as a pioneering payments and Digital Financial Services company. We thank our customers, team members and partners for their contributions to our continued success.

In 2009, Paga set out with a mission to deliver innovative and universal access to financial services for individuals and businesses across Africa. After getting her full operating license from the Central Bank of Nigeria in November 2011, Paga has been working to make that mission a reality by building a nationwide network of agents, innovating new services, product categories and evolving into the #1 payments solution for Nigerians.

Today, Paga has over 200 employees, 6 million unique customers and over 11,000 authorized agents enabling trade, business and economic growth across Nigeria. Indeed, Paga’s agent network is the largest and most active network of financial services access points in Nigeria. Individuals, banked or unbanked, can also use Paga to send money to anyone using their phone number, deposit to any bank in Nigeria, pay electricity bills, renew internet subscription, buy airtime and more. With Paga, businesses can conveniently collect payments from anyone online, in-store, at a Paga agent, or at any bank branch. Businesses can also use Paga Bulk Pay service to disburse funds to anyone.

Paga launched commercial operations in 2011 and since then we have processed over 31 million transactions worth more than N412 billion.

“To this day Paga is driven by the mission to make payments easier and deliver financial services to all Nigerians. This has enabled us to constantly push new boundaries and create solutions to truly make life possible for Nigerians. We would like to thank our customers and partners for the success that Paga has achieved in the past 8 years. This milestone is evidence of our commitment to continued innovation and to the future of Digital Financial Services in Nigeria.” said Tayo Oviosu, Founder and CEO of Paga.

Paga continues to innovate and is working closely with banks and other financial institutions to introduce more services that will make it even easier for people to conveniently make payments and get access to financial services.

We Turned Dreams Into Reality – Empowering Entrepreneurs

At Paga, one of the many ways we make life possible is empowering people with resilience and self-confidence. Faith Igberase is a married woman, an entrepreneur & owner of Success Delicious popcorn.

Early in 2016, during our #MakingLifePossible contest, Faith wrote to us; “My husband was deported from South Africa and since he returned empty handed have not been able to find a job or anything to do. This situation made life so miserable for us and our little son. But because I have learnt a lot about catering in school, I started a very lucrative popcorn business and started supplying all the itinerant traders in every bus stops and junctions schools, stores and even market women. My family has been feeding on this” Said Faith.

Faith expressed her financial challenges in running her business. However, like most small businesses, Success Delicious Popcorn faced a struggle to overcome its competition. She lost her customers to her competitors because they had a better packaging than her products. Sales dropped and made life hard for her and her family.

“Thanks to Paga for making life so possible for me by supporting my Success Delicious Popcorn business in the just concluded #MakingLifePossible contest. I never believed I could make it to the finalist. I was so surprised and I feel so blessed to have emerged as one of the grand prize winners. They have made my dreams come through as the new rebranded package will be in every store very soon. Expect to see well packaged, delicious and crunchy Success Delicious Popcorn in every mall, stores, market and supermarket in every state of Nigeria and all over the world. Thanks for your support Paga and I will forever remain grateful”.  – Faith Igberase

Faith needed N250,000 to enhance Success Delicious popcorn packaging. She received N200,000 from Paga.


The money was used to purchase essential materials for the business branding, which significantly reduced production cost.

Success Delicious Popcorn – Before


Redefined Look 


We’re proud to have supported Faith and her business in her downtime and now she can focus on making the business profitable.


Today, Paga is making life possible for over 5 million people in diverse ways. We love entrepreneurs and helping people achieve results.

David & The Wheelbarrows – A #MakingLifePossible Story

When we carried out our #MakingLifePossible contest in April, we were amazed by the inspiring stories people sent from across the country. When the contest ended, we realized that each of the stories we received deserved to be shared and celebrated.

One of the people who participated is David, a trader in Oyingbo Market, Lagos.

When we first met David, he said; “I noticed that in our country Nigeria, poverty is prevalent. For example, there was this man that walked up to me one day to beg for help. He asked me to assist him #300 to start a “pure water” trade. That with it, he will stop begging for alms and create a money making source. I was greatly moved and offered him my help. From time to time, he comes around to thank me for my assistance.”

David entered the contest for assistance to provide wheelbarrows for youths to make little income – helping traders and customers move their goods from one place to another. David’s goal was to keep youths away from crime and improve the community. In this present economic situation, that’s a great way to think!

Did David achieve this goal? Yes, and even more!  

We saw the amazing effort David was making, shared in his goal and also saw the need to make financial services available in his community because there are no banks around and traders had to go a distance to deposit their daily income into their bank account.

Paga provided the funds needed for the production of the wheelbarrows.


And in addition, set David up to be a Paga agent for FREE. 


Now, David can keep youths off the streets with the wheelbarrows provided for them to make daily income and also help people in his community pay their bills, send money and make deposits into their bank account.

David’s words of appreciation to Paga
“My appreciation goes to Paga for organizing this competition, never believed such could have come up and be real, when I first mentioned it to my wife that I was a winner, she told me it was a scam but because I’ve had cause to pay my GOtv subscriptions on Paga platform through their agents, I never had a doubt. Now with all the events past by she is now Paga’s No. 1 fan. My appreciation again goes to Paga for making me an agent all expense paid, also my gratitude goes to all the never tiring staffs for their welcoming attitude. My dream of poverty alleviation was boosted with purchase of three wheelbarrows to keep the youths busy vista vis making the society crime free. Thank you for making life possible.”

We’d love your feedback. Tell us what you think in the “comments” section. 😊

Predict and Win a FREE Cable TV Subscription


The Euro 2016 tournament reaches its climax this weekend as Portugal and France lock the horns at the Stade de France.  This is another great opportunity for us to make life possible for you.

Simply enter the Paga is Payments give away contest and be one of the 3 people to win FREE Cable TV subscription for one month.

How to win:

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I get to fulfil a promise I made to my sibling

FullSizeRenderIn the past weeks, we’ve shared with you some of our  Making Life Possible winners. There are some people who spend their time helping other people. Alex happens to be one of those.

She entered the contest to be able to fulfil a promise she made to her sister. Being a winner gives her the hope to renew her faith in humanity with regards to helping people in need.

We have joined in Alex dream to make life possible for her loved ones. There’ll be more details on how we’re achieving this soon!

Paga…Making Life Possible 

Dangote Foundation partners with Paga to empower women across Lagos State.


Responsible for contributing over $100 million in charitable funds to causes all over Nigeria and Africa, the Dangote Foundation recently launched the Lagos leg of its micro grants program geared towards complementing existing grassroots efforts to empower indigent women across Nigeria. The micro grants programme is particularly focused on the disadvantaged and vulnerable women in the targeted communities.

Partnering with Paga, Nigeria’s leading mobile payments company, to execute the electronic funds transfer, the Dangote Foundation will give N400 million in grants to 2,000 women in each of the 20 LGAs within Lagos State. Each beneficiary will receive a one-off payment of N10,000 to apply towards petty trading and other small business projects that can boost and stabilize their household incomes.

Speaking on the partnership, Paga Co-Founder and Director of Business Development, Jay Alabraba said:

“It’s a great honor to partner with the Dangote Foundation and the Lagos State Government on this micro grants program. It will make a real difference in the lives of women that would otherwise not have access to funds they need to start small businesses and create a more steady income flow for them and their families.

At Paga, we operate  with the belief that small businesses are the true engine of economic growth and must be strongly encouraged at the grassroots level; and that is exactly what is happening with the micro grants program. Beyond Paga’s primary role of disbursing the grants securely and in real time to the beneficiaries via their’ mobile phones, we are also finding opportunities to educate beneficiaries and their families on financial services, such as savings and electronic payments, that make everyday life and small business operations so much easier. Alhaji Dangote and the Dangote Foundation are an inspiration to all – we look forward to expansion of the micro grants programs to other parts of Nigeria.”

Using electronic payments to disburse micro grants for the first time, the Dangote Foundation Program Operations Manager, Musa Bala also commented on the partnership…

“It is unfortunate that in our society and across Africa, women are usually the first to be affected by a negative turn in the economy.  The objective of the foundation is to empower women financially in the hope that they will then go on to empower themselves and their families by building micro businesses. We have already seen the positive impact this programme has had on women in the other states where micro funding has already been dispersed and we are confident that we will have similar results in this region.  

It is the first time we are using electronic payments to disperse micro funding and we are happy to be working with an experienced partner like Paga to make a difference in the lives of so many women within the LGA’s under the Lagos State Government. We  hope to maintain the partnership beyond Lagos state.”

The Dangote Foundation was set up by Aliko Dangote, in 1993 and has already given funds to 256,500  women in Kano, Jigawa,, Kogi, Adamawa, Borno and Yobe through the micro grants program. Women in all 774 local government areas across Nigeria will ultimately benefit from the scheme.

Paga has been able to impact my life…

“It means a lot to me that PAGA has been able to impact my life and the bright future I know I have in some way . What they have done for me may be small to others who are lucky to be more privileged than I am but this is a lot and it is also a step towards the right direction for me.” – Adeniran Adetoro


In today’s economy, self-development is very important. Adeniran, a 300 level Unilag student entered the making life possible contest to keep his dream alive with certification courses, internship opportunities and vital skills.

Paga is playing a great role with Adeniran to reach his goals. Want to know how? More to come!

Keep following: Paga…Making Life Possible 

How does it feel to be a winner?

“Being a winner has made me realize that there’s no harm in trying. I entered this competition at the last minute cus I had some doubts. But guess who’s a winner now? ☺ I am very happy and excited.

Thank you Paga, you guys rock! ”  – Omoyovwirin Ruth

Hello readers! Still on our Making Life Possible winners, meet Ruth.


An accounting graduate who is actively searching for a job and ways to develop her accounting skills.

Do you want to know how we’re going to make life possible for her? Stay tuned to learn more about Ruth and her inspiring story.

Paga…Making Life Possible

In our country Nigeria, poverty is prevalent.

“I noticed that in our country Nigeria, poverty is prevalent, for example, there was this man that walked up to me one day in my to beg for assistance, he asked me to assist him in starting up “pure water” selling for as little as #300, that with this it will not only stop him from begging for alms but will open a money making source for him, I was greatly moved which I did and from time to time he comes around to thank me for the help I rendered to him”.  – Okeke David

12705359_958370257586095_196291985713049150_n  Q_R5ChVKlRml3tKGh9ARALO9YswVNvNx5VDBKd99YWv1HXI4HVMZJlYabsPk0ea1FrSkQKQ-K_eOIgz2YTbvfl_il6oXMkY9NJsLfl-M69A

David entered the Making Life Possible contest to keep youths away from crime and make Nigeria a better place. We all want a better Nigeria and by all means would love to make Nigeria a great nation.

Paga shares in David’s dream and would be glad to make life possible for him and Nigerian youth.

Keep following this series to find out more on how we’ll all achieve this.

Paga…Making Life Possible.

Making Life Possible Winners

Last week, we announced winners from our Making Life Possible contest. This week, we’ll be sharing with you an inspirational piece from their story.

Meet Faith – Business Woman/Popcorn enthusiast

12373159_1063411070359846_3908251062540406036_n popcorn

I am married and I have a son. I have learnt a lot about catering in school and I started a very lucrative popcorn business and started supplying all the itinerant traders in every bus stops and junctions schools, stores and even market women.”

Faith has been having a challenge in her business as a result of the competitive market. She has lost most of her customers to her competitors because they have better packaging. Due to her financial status, Faith hasn’t been able to get better packaging for her products. Sales has dropped and has been making life hard for her and her family.

Faith reached out to us during our campaign and we are going to make life possible for her.

Do you want to know how we’re making Faith’s dream possible?

Stay tuned to learn more about Faith’s inspiring story and the part that Paga played.

Paga…Making Life Possible.