Get 5% cashback on Startimes subscription!


It’s time to get paid with Paga! From now till January 31st 2017, you can enjoy 5% cashback when you pay your Startimes subscription with Paga.

How it works:

Simply renew your Startimes subscription on or on the Paga Android app and get 5% cashback instantly in your Paga account

Terms & Conditions:

  • Promo does not apply to transactions at Paga agent outlets
  • Discount is limited to a maximum of N500
  • You get cash back on only one subscription per month


Make money on your next DStv/GOtv subscription!


It’s time to get paid with Paga! From now till January 31st 2017, you can enjoy 5% cashback when you pay your favourite payTV subscriptions with Paga.

How it works:

Simply renew your DStv or GOtv subscription on or on the Paga Android app and get 5% cashback instantly in your Paga account

Terms & Conditions:

  • Promo does not apply to transactions at Paga agent outlets
  • Discount is limited to a maximum of N500 for DStv and N250 for GOtv
  • You get cash back on only one DStv and GOtv subscription per month

pay-dstv-button   pay-gotv-button

EKEDC Bill Payments Are Now Available On Paga!


Do you live in areas powered by EKEDC? Do you always have hassles trying to pay your electricity bill?

No worries, we’ve got you! EKO electric prepaid & postpaid bill payments are now available on Paga! We’ve created this service to make your life easier.

With Paga, you can pay your EKEDC bill wherever you are and anytime. Follow these simple steps to pay;

  • Go to and select EKEDC
  • Select prepaid or postpaid
  • Enter all necessary details
  • Confirm transaction and choose to pay with value in your Paga account or debit card

You can also visit your nearest Paga agent to pay.

You get your electricity token by SMS and a valid payment receipt once a prepaid or postpaid transaction is done.


Whatever your choice, we ensure to make your experience the simplest one!

Our customer care is always there to assist you. Reach out to us anytime

Email: or call: 0700 000 7242

Call for Applications; Become a Paga Youth Ambassador!


Are you young, creative and dynamic? Are you social media savvy? Then you can be one of the first set of young people to participate in our pilot edition of Paga Youth Ambassador Program.

As part of our commitment to keep making life possible for Nigerians, this is a platform designed to strengthen & empower youths.

We are calling for young ambassadors to create a large network of young people across Nigeria. Through this we aim to provide career growth, independence in specific financial areas and a possible opportunity to intern at Paga.


  • Discover your talents and passion
  • Enjoy free bill payments
  • Easy access to events
  • Become a part of a large network of professionals from different career fields
  • Experience real-world lessons in shaping your own future
  • Join a group of professionals and learn how to make awesome things happen


  • Age between 18 – 26 years
  • Be passionate about youth-led development
  • Be creative with good organizational skills
  • Be social media savvy

How To Apply

You can apply by completing the application form in the link below. Submit application latest 25th Nov, 2016.

Apply Here

Cyberxchange 2016 – Protect your safe against fraud online


Have you registered for the 2016 Cyberxchange Conference?

We care about your secure transactions online. Which is why we have partnered with the Cyberxchange Conference as the official payments solutions provider.

Be a part of this holistic cyber security conference in West Africa. A great opportunity to learn how businesses like ours are keeping you safe always. This paid conference is recommended for Cyber security executives and professionals. There will also be a FREE exhibition featuring a Hackathon, sophisticated ideas on how to prevent fraud and more.

Good news! Exhibition is open to ALL.  

Date: November 2nd & 3rd, 2016

Venue: Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos

Click here to register for this event.

We Turned Dreams Into Reality – Empowering Entrepreneurs

At Paga, one of the many ways we make life possible is empowering people with resilience and self-confidence. Faith Igberase is a married woman, an entrepreneur & owner of Success Delicious popcorn.

Early in 2016, during our #MakingLifePossible contest, Faith wrote to us; “My husband was deported from South Africa and since he returned empty handed have not been able to find a job or anything to do. This situation made life so miserable for us and our little son. But because I have learnt a lot about catering in school, I started a very lucrative popcorn business and started supplying all the itinerant traders in every bus stops and junctions schools, stores and even market women. My family has been feeding on this” Said Faith.

Faith expressed her financial challenges in running her business. However, like most small businesses, Success Delicious Popcorn faced a struggle to overcome its competition. She lost her customers to her competitors because they had a better packaging than her products. Sales dropped and made life hard for her and her family.

“Thanks to Paga for making life so possible for me by supporting my Success Delicious Popcorn business in the just concluded #MakingLifePossible contest. I never believed I could make it to the finalist. I was so surprised and I feel so blessed to have emerged as one of the grand prize winners. They have made my dreams come through as the new rebranded package will be in every store very soon. Expect to see well packaged, delicious and crunchy Success Delicious Popcorn in every mall, stores, market and supermarket in every state of Nigeria and all over the world. Thanks for your support Paga and I will forever remain grateful”.  – Faith Igberase

Faith needed N250,000 to enhance Success Delicious popcorn packaging. She received N200,000 from Paga.


The money was used to purchase essential materials for the business branding, which significantly reduced production cost.

Success Delicious Popcorn – Before


Redefined Look 


We’re proud to have supported Faith and her business in her downtime and now she can focus on making the business profitable.


Today, Paga is making life possible for over 5 million people in diverse ways. We love entrepreneurs and helping people achieve results.

“Paga is a great platform to make visa application payments online” – Biodun


Customer stories are an invaluable way of helping us to understand how our services deliver impact on you as Nigerians.

Few weeks ago, Biodun had a hitch processing his UK Visa application payment. He reached out to Paga for a better way to pay for his application and we intervened.

We’re proud to share Biodun’s experience with you.

Paga is a great platform to make visa application payments online. I tried it for the first time on August 11 after all attempts to use ATM cards (linked to a well-funded account with active token) failed. But I had to check if it was genuine: read virtually everything I found about the platform online particularly on its founders and investors. I felt they were credible enough: more so, I could tweet at the CEO or company page if anything went wrong. 

I chose to give it a try. It was quite easy to open mypaga account. I transferred some money from my personal account to test the platform. After waiting for verification, mypaga account was credited. I sent in all required documents to upgrade my account to level 3 so I could payments exceeding N100, 000. Eventually, I paid the visa fees through mypaga account and my visa application was successful.

I strongly recommend Paga to every visa applicant: it is easy to open, load and upgrade your account. Visa application payment is fast. If you run into any hitches, you can call their responsive customer care agents or engage the CEO on Twitter!’’ – Biodun

We appreciate hearing about your your experience with our services, whether it’s a complaint or compliment. So tell us what you like, what you don’t and of course let us know what you’d love to see from Paga.



Embrace better ways to fund your Paga account.


To make it easier to fund your Paga account, we’ve put an end to manual bank deposits – this means you don’t need to go to the bank branch to deposit or make transfers into Paga’s bank account and then notify us.

Now you can fund your paga account directly via:

Continue reading “Embrace better ways to fund your Paga account.”

We’ve Got You, Anytime!

quote (3).jpg

“I was at the Barbers Shop to get my haircut; a man also came in to do the same. Moments later this gentle man who just walked in (waiting for his turn to get his hair cut) started to complain about him not being able to purchase airtime – as shops around did not open.

It was quite a delight to tell him I could sell/transfer airtime of any amount to him – directly to his phone number, any network.

He was excited – and he asked HOW?

It’s possible with Paga I said. Ohhh Paga!!! He exclaimed.

It was great talking to him about Paga and how he can get on board. We logged on to, bought the airtime and he made his call.

Interestingly, the barber was astonished as he mentioned – ‘sharp sharp’ the airtime don enter – nice one Oga!”


David & The Wheelbarrows – A #MakingLifePossible Story

When we carried out our #MakingLifePossible contest in April, we were amazed by the inspiring stories people sent from across the country. When the contest ended, we realized that each of the stories we received deserved to be shared and celebrated.

One of the people who participated is David, a trader in Oyingbo Market, Lagos.

When we first met David, he said; “I noticed that in our country Nigeria, poverty is prevalent. For example, there was this man that walked up to me one day to beg for help. He asked me to assist him #300 to start a “pure water” trade. That with it, he will stop begging for alms and create a money making source. I was greatly moved and offered him my help. From time to time, he comes around to thank me for my assistance.”

David entered the contest for assistance to provide wheelbarrows for youths to make little income – helping traders and customers move their goods from one place to another. David’s goal was to keep youths away from crime and improve the community. In this present economic situation, that’s a great way to think!

Did David achieve this goal? Yes, and even more!  

We saw the amazing effort David was making, shared in his goal and also saw the need to make financial services available in his community because there are no banks around and traders had to go a distance to deposit their daily income into their bank account.

Paga provided the funds needed for the production of the wheelbarrows.


And in addition, set David up to be a Paga agent for FREE. 


Now, David can keep youths off the streets with the wheelbarrows provided for them to make daily income and also help people in his community pay their bills, send money and make deposits into their bank account.

David’s words of appreciation to Paga
“My appreciation goes to Paga for organizing this competition, never believed such could have come up and be real, when I first mentioned it to my wife that I was a winner, she told me it was a scam but because I’ve had cause to pay my GOtv subscriptions on Paga platform through their agents, I never had a doubt. Now with all the events past by she is now Paga’s No. 1 fan. My appreciation again goes to Paga for making me an agent all expense paid, also my gratitude goes to all the never tiring staffs for their welcoming attitude. My dream of poverty alleviation was boosted with purchase of three wheelbarrows to keep the youths busy vista vis making the society crime free. Thank you for making life possible.”

We’d love your feedback. Tell us what you think in the “comments” section. 😊